Meirav Schreiber – emotional therapy and spiritual guidance

Hello, and welcome to my internet site. My name is Meirav Schreiber and I’m a Creative Arts Therapist (Dance and Art) since 2001. I have studied Dance Therapy and worked for many years with children and parents.

At the age of 30 I have discovered meditation and yoga and practiced for some years in differnet. group settings.  At 2006 I have joined the Ridhwan spiritual school and am a studnet of the Diamond Approach until today.

I have met my housband, Massimo,  in the Ridhwan school and lived with him in Italy for 4 years. Our daughter was born in Italy and we decided to move to Israel.

As I came back I met Yishai Gaster and studied Family Constellaion with him for 2 years. Since than my work as a therapist changed completly and today I give Family Constellation sessions, workshop and teach group all over Israel. I am a member of the board of the Israeli Constellation Path.

In my inner work with people I combine my knowledge from both the psychological and spiritual view for a complete and more holistic understanding of the human being, it’s sufferings and potentiality.

I welcome you to contact me with questions or comments or sessions. Call Now! 054-5908590 or email me at

Skype and Zoom sessions are also an option